Banana Nutcase Muffins

I call these nutcase muffins because everyone who tries them goes nuts for them. They are absolutely delicious and make the house smell amazing. Just keep an eye out for the neighborhood monkeys that like to come by and snatch them up…at least that is what my husband claims happened to them when I come […]

Beautiful Kola Torta

In addition to affordable modern furniture at IKEA the Swedish also have a wonderful gluten free cake. Ah the Kola Torta. Back in 2005 it was just a regular old day in my grey dull cube when my co-worker strolled on over with a wonderful treat for me. He had told me before that he […]

J’Adore Crepes

As a kid the crepe was a mysterious dessert that would show up on random occasions in our house in the form of crepe suzette. I remember my mother arriving in the dining room, lights dimmed to create the dramatic atmosphere, with a silver platter aflame. Once the alcohol burned off we were served up […]